The Project: The Institute for Integrated Economic Research is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland and the United States. Together with the Imperial College Centre of Process Systems Engineering, we are building an ecosystems model that is focused on establishing a new breakthrough view on economic systems. It is aimed at showing how economic systems can be re-engineered to meet 21st century challenges. The project’s focus is to make the developed framework available under open-source conditions for global use to inform technology and policy decisions.

The project will involve the collection and translation of data into a standardised format, and the construction of supporting information infrastructure, including a sector-to-process ontology, correspondence to existing product and industry classification systems, a detailed overview of cradle-to-grave supply chains for numerous products, automated database queries creation, and visualisation of output.

Duration: Full time appointment

Salary: 1300 to 4000 pounds per month depending on experience

The Team: Become an important part of an exciting initiative in London that addresses serious issues for humanity. Team members will become part of a unique project that seeks to build resource based economic modelling capacity. Members will acquire detailed knowledge on the inner workings of various supply chains, gain insights in how industries operate and how goods and services are produced, and acquire skills in large data collection exercises, and the operation and use of databases.

Positions available: Several positions are available for domain experts to help expand our material and energy conversion database with supporting infrastructure.

We are looking for junior and senior researchers in the following fields:

• Chemical and biological manufacturing

• Agricultural systems and food processing

• Physical/Industrial manufacturing processes (e.g. shaping, heat treatment etc.)

• Mineral extraction & energy generation

• Transportation and Construction

• Forestry and water supply

Additionally, we are looking for a Quality Assurance Manager with experience in at least one of the above domains to help ensure data integrity.

Research outcomes: The data will be used in the open access resource-economic model under development by IIER and IC, as part of an integral resource flow simulation across all sectors driven by socio-economic agents. The data covers material conversion processes including energy input/outputs and labour inputs across all economic sectors such as energy generation, services, agriculture and food, and mineral extraction.

The collected datasets will become easily accessible as a standalone open source set of process data through an on-line access point.


• Extensive experience with search engines and academic databases and the ability to rapidly process and judge many sources

• Strong ability to establish an understanding of a process and its interactions

• The ability to rapidly scrutinize a large number of documents

• Quantitative understanding of resource conversions incl. orders of magnitude

• Excellent command of Microsoft Excel

• Attention to qualitative and quantitative detail in data error evaluation

• Ability to carefully execute a methodology step by step

Applicants should hold a MSc. or PhD. degree in a computer science, natural sciences, engineering, or an applied economics discipline

Experience: Candidates preferably will also possess In-depth academic specialization and/or industry work experience related to at least one of the process types described above.

How to apply: Our preferred method of application is online via our recruitment e-mail: recruiting [at] iier [dot] ch Please enter “Resource Flow Modelling Project” in the email header. We request a job application e-mail including your personal motivation and suitability for the project with your CV. You will receive a reply within three work days if you are to be invited for a phone interview, followed by a second phase workshop- based selection procedure.

Closing Date: 26 August 2014